Our Story

« Grower and Maker since 1930. »

We are located in the heart of the Côte des Bar, in the south of the Champagne region. It is here that our operations are based, in the village of Loches-sur-Ource.

The story is a family one. Our grandfather, Roland, began commercializing the first champagne bottles in 1936.

It was only natural for our father, Robert, to continue to expand the operation and grow sales.

It is now our turn, therefore, to maintain this heritage, this passion. Today, the vineyard we cultivate is 22 acres in size. It is spread out over the communities of Chacenay, Courteron, Essoyes, and Loches-sur-Ource.

We are conscious of our environmental footprint, and our plots are cultivated using sustainable farming practices.

It is with the greatest care that we develop our various vintages: from vine cultivation, with the intense work that it requires, to commercialization, via pressing and bottling.

We want to share our beautiful story with you, and as such, it is with pleasure that we are here to welcome you into our cellar and to share a nice moment together.

Bertrand and Vincent